Austin Brown

Full name: Austin Brown
Date of birth: 22 November , 1985
Parents: Rebbie Jackson & Nathaniel Brown
Siblings: Stacy and Yashi



Austin Brown, known affectionately as “Auggie” by his family and friends, is the youngest child of Rebbie Jackson and Nathaniel Brown. Austin has pretty much stayed out of the spotlight in his childhood. He did go on tour with his mother in the late 90’s and he traveled along with 3T in Europe in 1997 during the Brotherhood Tour. Auggie played instruments during several showcases of Rebbie in The States in 1998, but other than that, he did not make many appearances in video clips or shows like many of his cousins did. So he has been working on his musical skills in silence and surprised everyone when he announced that he was working on an album in 2004. 

Austin is a Los Angeles native, a singer, songwriter, entertainer, musician and producer. He has produced for the likes of Yonas Michael, JoJo, Macy Gray’s and played as a musician on Ariana Grande’s “Leave Me Lonely” featuring Macy Gray. 

Austin is a gifted singer, performer and multi-instrumentalist and has been in the studio with many artists and producers and among them are Rodney Jerkins, Team DarkchildTony Mardini (producer), Tommy Parker (producer and friend), LaShawn Daniels (songwriter), Stanley Brown (some horns), Walter Afanasieff (multiple Grammy-award-winning record producer and songwriter), Q-Tip, Ryan Tedder, Pharrell Williams, Vidal & Dre, Emilio Estefan, Macy Gray, Raphael Saadiq, childhood friend Brandon Howard (son of R&B vocalist Micky Howard), Tommy Parker and Scott Bruzenak ("backpackkids"). 

For Austin, being of pop royalty is a responsibility, rather than a privilege; he has a lot to live up to – and knows it. Austin creates a really off-the-wall style for his generation by taking the old school feel, updating it to today and reminding people that it’s OK to be musical, it’s OK to play instruments, it’s OK to love melodies, do harmonies and dance.

In 2016 and 2017, Austin performed a series of scheduled and pop up acoustic Guitar and Microphone shows in the United States and in Paris, France. 

Austin has been been releasing music and performing under his own name, as well as part of underground projects and formations such as CaliYork (with east coast DJ Tony Touch) and his band BLVK CVSTLE and the Canyon Sessions movement, which is a place and regular event where singer/songwriters, musicians, poets, spoken word artists join together to share and appreciate each others art in an acoustic space. 

Austin’s production, writing, and musicianship credits include Macy Gray’s Ruby and Ariana Grande’s Leave Me Lonely with production partner Tommy Parkerproducing Agápē and #LoveJo EPs for female artist JoJo, and completing an album for Ashlee Simpson Ross + Evan Ross titled Ashlee + Evan, with production partners Brian London and the legendary Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire. After completing production on the Ashlee + Evan album Austin then opened for Ashlee and Evan on their promo tour in January of 2019. Austin also wrote and produced songs for Raven's EP 33000 and he played instruments and sang a few backing vocals. 

In 2020, Austin and his band were creative and busy producing, making and performing music through a gumbo of genres. 

In 2021, Austin released a long-desired project which is an instrumental jazz piano album titled Heart Over Mind

Stay tuned for more shows, collaborations and music as Austin continues to create underground projects....

On stage

Heart Over Mind

Heart Over Mind
℗ 2021 Aubri Music

Inspired by Duke
Gut Was Right
Look Up
What's New

Canyon Sessions

Canyon Sessions (EP)
27 October 2017
℗ 2017 Rolette, Inc

For the Rest of My Life
Million Ways
She's Not For You
Get Away
Slow Down
All over Mine

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Highway 85

Highway 85
Rolette Inc, 2017
South 5 Records / Rolette Inc, 2013
South 5 Records, 2012

Highway 85 is a collection of music presented with various tracklists over the course of a few years. Originally released on SoundCloud as the EP Highway Mixtape 85 on December 24th, 2012, the set of music was released on digital platforms with a bonus track ("Feel It Again") on June 29th, 2013, then withdrawn on all digital music stores and then re-released on digital platforms again on February 6th, 2017 with a couple of songs added and replaced. Many songs were also presented in Austin Brown 2012Music Mondays 

Intro (2017 addition)  
Highway to the Sky
Ménage a Trois
Volcano (2012 edition)
Midnight Man (2017 addition)
Where Were You
City of Angels
What Did I Lose to Love You
F'd With My Mind
All I Need Interlude (2017 addition)
Groove 92
Peace (2017 addition)
She (2017 addition)
To Love Her
We Could Be
All I Need
All I Need feat. David Banner (2012 edition)
Feel It Again (2013 edition)

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Many songs created by Austin Brown have not been released or made available yet. The tracks listed below are unreleased as a studio version, however performed by Austin live on stage. 

Watch more Austin Brown Guitar & Microphone videos: 1 July 2016 and 2 July 2016.

Music Monday

Austin shared more songs on Music Monday through his Soundcloud:

  • New Blood - 21 November 2016
  • Flow - 24 October 2016
  • Imagine Me - 4 May 2015
  • For The Love Of The Green - 16 March 2015

In 2012, Austin Brown started presenting Music Monday, sharing one song per week (between February 14 and April 16) on his website. Some of the tracks have later been released in the project Highway 85

  • Colorful Tambourines - 2 July 2012
  • What Did I Lose to Love You - 18 June 2012
  • Bass 'n Drum - 14 May 2012
  • You fucked with my head - April 25 2012
  • Groove 92 - 16 April 2012
  • Where Were You - 9 April 2012
  • We Could Be - 31 March 2012
  • To Love Her - 16 March 2012
  • Time For Flight - 19 March 2012
  • Stargazer - 19 March 2012
  • City of Angels - 12 March 2012
  • Where You Are - 5 March 2012
  • Friend To Me - 27 February 2012
  • Write It On The Floor (BPK Remix) - 20 February 2012 
  • Ménage a Trois - 14 February 2012

In the years before Music Monday and the project Highway 85, the following tunes were shared between 2004 and 2011:

  • All I Need (2011) second single
  • Midnight Man (2011)
  • 85 (2011) official music video trailer 
  • Target Practice (2010) official first single
  • Come Back Home (2009)
  • 1st Sight (2008)
  • Remember (2008)
  • Montage with snippets of "Detox", Deja Vu" and "Hemisphere" (2005)
  • Untitled Intro (2004)