Court dismisses lawsuit from Wade Robson

Michael Jackson's estate has succeeded again in having a lawsuit from one of the late pop star's accusers dismissed. A Los Angeles judge ruled on Monday 26 April 2021 that Wade Robson cannot sue Jackson's businesses over the childhood sexual abuse he allegedly suffered. Robson is expected to appeal the decision. Last year, the same judge ruled against fellow accuser James Safechuck on similar grounds. In his latest ruling, LA County Superior Court Judge Mark A Young held that Jackson's companies had "no legal ability" to control his behaviour because he was the sole owner, and could "remove any and all of the board members without cause or notice". Robson and Safechuck were allowed to pursue legal claims against two of Jackson's companies last year, having had previous lawsuits dismissed. On Monday, however, lawyers for MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures succeeded in obtaining a summary judgment dismissing Mr Robson's claims. The judge ruled there was no evidence of misfeasance and that Mr Robson had been unable to demonstrate "extreme and outrageous conduct". Lawyers for Jackson's estate welcomed the ruling and accused Mr Robson of "pursuing frivolous claims [that] have no merit whatsoever." Taj Jackson welcomed Monday's decision, saying his family had "stood strong and never wavered" despite being "ridiculed, vilified and marginalised".